Sound Acoustics offer sound advice to property developers, builders and architects etc. As noise consultants we are best placed to give cost effective sound insulation advice.

Why use our acoustic consultants?

We are independent acoustic consultants with no financial interests in any sound insulation product. We are members of the Association of Noise Consultants. Our aim is to get you to pass the acoustic tests first time round with the minimum outlay for yourselves. Our advice will include standard building materials. We will only recommend proprietary acoustic products when they are really necessary or where you want us to. You do not need to spend a fortune on "miraculous" products that often fail in the wrong overall design. We look at the bigger picture to make sure the potential of our recommendations will be achieved on site and not be limited by often overlooked flanking routes. Acoustics is our profession; we feel it should not be an extra service provided by another profession and likewise we do not offer services outside of our area of expertise.

Professional Liability

We hold Professional Liability cover of £250,000 in the unlikely event of any financial loss to you resulting from our design advice.


Sound Advice by Sound Acoustics Ltd

You should seek professional advice from an IOA and ANC recognised acoustic consultant before starting any project where acoustics and sound insulation is an issue. We can provide sound advice and save you money. The alternative could lead to expensive remedial sound insulation measures and a prolonging of the project when you are already working to a tight budget and timescale. Taken to the other extreme you could end up with over-designed constructions for sound insulation that include expensive acoustic materials that give no better results than carefully selected standard building materials used in an appropriate acoustic design. To help you avoid such situations, we can offer the following services (not all services are necessary):

As a dedicated noise consultancy and sound testing organisation we want you to meet the project goals first time round. Our recommendations will utilise common or readily available building materials although we can recommend proprietary sound insulation systems where they are really necessary. We do not sell any materials, acoustic or otherwise, so you can be sure that our primary aims are to provide you with a cost-effective sound insulation solution and for you to come back to us for acoustic consultancy on your next project.