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Why use us for your sound test?

We aim to give you the best prices for sound testing. We do not sub-contract sound testing to other companies. This way we can be certain of the quality of service you will receive. We are members of the IOA, the ANC and of the utmost importance to you, we are ANC registered sound testers. Membership of the IOA or the ANC is not sufficient in itself so when getting other quotes make sure you ask if they are an ANC registered or UKAS accredited sound testing company. If you don't ask the question you may have to pay twice; once for a non-registered acoustic test, which will in most circumstances be unacceptable, and then again for a valid acoustic test. You have been warned!

Need sound insulation advice?

Our service can begin at a much earlier stage of your project than the acoustic test stage. We can check your design, review your drawings and provide sound insulation recommendations to help you pass the sound insulation tests first time round. We also aim to provide you with cost-effective acoustic insulation solutions rather than expensive proprietary solutions.


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